George on TV!


Paul O’Grady show

 February 2005 was George’s first live TV appearance, drawing caricatures on ITV’s Paul O’Grady Show, where he drew Jerry Hall and Terry Jones.

Today with Des & Mel

Today with Des & Mel 1

November 2005 saw George on ITV’s Today with Des & Mel show, where on his first appearance he was to draw Des O’Connor & Mel Sykes, but also Joe Pasquale. You can tell Mel had a crush on George, bless her!

George’s second appearance was later that month, when he met Chas & Dave and Katie Melua.


BBC’s The One Show

November 2007 saw George being filmed on the streets in Covent Garden, where he caricatured Dom Littlewood for BBC1’s One Show, which lasted all of 30 seconds, but made a good photo shoot. Luckily the London paparazi were there with the gorgeous Emma Porter snapping away.

1st September 2009 saw the screening of my second appearance on BBC’s One Show, where I drew presenter Lucy Siegel as part of  a report. I was also filmed drawing hosts Adrian and Christine, but this was not aired.

‘HIM & HER’ BBC three

Earlier in 2011 I drew a caricature of Russ Tovey (as a child) for a prop to be shown in August 2011 on the sitcom…

him & her caricature

Visit my main site to see the footage


October 2011 – My drawing of Paul O’Grady was used weekly on Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night feature, Celebrity Scribbles…

CHATTOON with Reece Shearsmith – 2011

FA Cup Final 2013 – ESPN

May 2013 – I drew Wigan Athletic for a promotional video, shown on ESPN before the FA Cup Final, which they went on to win!

April 2014 – Coach Trip on Chanel 4

May 2016 – Blue Peter live!


  1. Youtube IS the new global channel, dontchaknow?

    • Oh joy, my cats will be pleased to know they are global TV stars!! LOL 😉

      • WHATEVER . . . . !!! Anyway – the way your stage career is going, you’ll end up with a TV show all your own! The caricaturists’ Fred Dibnah!

      • Yep, me and Fred Dibnah, separated at birth! LOL
        Have added Chattoon, happy to see you’re still reading my blog Simon. Nothing much new on here, just occasional updates, but stay tuned 🙂

        I’m taking my stage show to Germany in January to test on a 100 strong European audience, fingers crossed for that! If it works out then I’ll launch a corporate package in the UK when I get back.

  2. Wot? No Chattoon! with Reece Shearsmith?

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