My Weekly Satire

satirical caricature 05/11/07

Since leaving The First Post, a commission which saw me drawing satirical caricatures every week for two years, I have made a concerted effort to get more work published, especially satirical daily cartoons. To that end, take a look at my caricaturing efforts and let me know what ya think.

weekly cartoon 2

Whats The Job

Here’s a recent Gordon Brown that I’ve been working on for a few days…

Gordon Brown PM

On the job training qualifications equal to A-Levels have been given the go-ahead, leading to MacAcademys!

MacDonalds Academy

Poor, poor Amy Winehouse, at last admits she needs re-hab and says ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’!

Amy Winehouse

2011 Sees ‘Mad Dog’ Gaddafi shooting his own people in the streets, while claiming to know nothing about the disquiet, saying his people love him! He really has his head in the clouds!!

Gaddafi 'Mad Dog'


Michael Winner caricature

  1. subwaysurfer says:

    I think your caricature style is perfect for publishing as well as animation. Im sure you’ve thought of it, and perhaps you should give it a go. Ive done some work a couple of years back with where I was the character designer for The George Bush Job Interviews seires, as well as Castro’s Funeral You can view these toons of

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