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wedding caricatures

Hiring a Caricaturist for your Wedding day may not seem essential, just an excellent idea. Hiring the BEST Caricaturist for your Wedding day however, is essential!

I was just reading an old Forum thread about hiring caricaturists for your wedding and felt compelled to post a blog.

In my experience, caricaturists can be a fabulous idea; they break the ice, create talking points and put your guests on a light footing for the rest of the day. Not to mention the great mementoes your guests will have of your big day. Hire the right artist and they can make your day that bit more special, but as with any wedding supplier, make sure you choose the best or (like a mardy photographer) they could put a blot on your most treasured memories.
Whatever you do, don’t book a caricaturist to draw either during your meal or during the Disco; The meal is full of interruptions (waiting staff, line up, speeches) and guests cannot be drawn while eating. The disco is dark, crowded and noisy, the worst possible drawing conditions for an artist… plus they’ll end up drawing random strangers and gatecrashers, instead of family and head table.
In general caricaturists work during your wedding lulls; after the ceremony, Pimms on the lawn and photos, while people are standing around or after the wedding breakfast, as guests relax and unbutton their wastecoats, as new guests arrive and the venue is turned around for the evening’s entertainment. You’ll usually book an artist for 2 hours at your wedding, as there is so much already happening.
The cost of a decent caricaturist is around £350 for two hours, but beware – you get what you pay for; any cheaper and you may be getting a bumbling student, in jeans and a hooded top, producing scrawly sketches for a hobby. Stick with a seasoned professional and always ask to see previous examples and references if possible.
wedding caricatures

Did I mention that I’m a renowned caricaturist, as seen on the Paul O’Grady Show, Today with Des & Mel, the One Show and the Money Programme, as well as being published in TV Times?!  I attend around 60 weddings each year and have never had a dissatisfied customer in 20 years of professional entertaining. All you need is a sense of humour and leave the rest to me.

wedding caricatures

wedding caricatures

wedding caricatures

gay wedding caricatures

wedding fun

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