Going back to my graphic design roots; I once took an instant dislike to a corporate logo, one which was rapidly gaining in popularity, thanks to the advent of the internet. The offending host was one FREESERVE:

Freeserve 'toe-nail'


The text was encapsulated by a swoosh, resembling a toe-nail clipping. As a designer, this was a cheap, unimaginative attempt at a corporate logo, one which did not impress me.

As the years went on, I began to notice more and more companies copying the same formulaic logo, complete with toe-mail style swoosh! Surely, I thought, people must realise that the logos are the same and some design company has simply ripped them off?? But more and more companies insisted on re-branding with the now familliar ‘Toe-nail’… My faith in mankinds’ imagination was severely shaken.

the take over by the 'Toe-nail'!!

the take over by the

At around the same time I noticed that people were being hoarded out of town at weekends , to buy generically similar clothes and home furnishings from ‘out-of-town’ shopping complexes, leaving the individual independent traders to slide out of public perception and out of business. I looked around me and saw thousands of homes, all the same, with people all wearing the same branded clothing, being told on TV how they should look, where they should live, what they should aspire to!! Not only were the people around me becoming mind-dead sheep, willing to accept any generic formula fed to them, without question, but it seemed that corporations too were metamorphosising into one large corporate brand – THE TOE-NAIL BRAND!

Blu-Ray... really the future???

Blu-Ray... really the future???

As the credit crunch bites into us, I see large corporations emerging out of the shadows, to swallow up the smaller, failing companies and banks. People waking up to find that they’ve been hypnotised into living beyond their means and falling into the traps set by these large Quangos! I see the sheep being hoarded over cloffs now, in their droves… all rounded up by a fleet of lorries and letter headed foreclosure papers; all branded with the same ill-fated logo – THE TOE-NAIL!!!

Even Capital One have joined the ranks!

Even Capital One have joined the ranks!

Take a look around you, now, before its too late. Join my movement to boycott all companies baring the ‘Toe-nail’ logo. Stop this rot, NOW!!

wrescoach  pc_big  pts visual_touch_swoosh_logo

pension cadett lhd_logo mpg-logo

another crap logo


BP, Asda, Burger King have all incorporated ‘Toe-nails’ into their store logos… Even our youth are being targeted by the brain-washing powers of this logo!

scout toe-nail


My latest culprits, snapped while on my travels. Folks, pleeeeease just spend those extra few pennies and get a logo thats not like these:

crap logo

crap logo

crap logo

Europa toe-nail
crap logo

crap logo

crap logo

This one can't even spell!! 😉

airmec toe-nail

17 May – M20

On my drive down to Folkestone and the motorways were crawling with toenails, check these shameful sinners out!

Protrans logoTRS logoRES logo

  1. karl says:

    wow i didnt realise theres so many toe nail designs, part of what i want to bring back is the good old fashioned toon mascot but in 3d too..! 😉

  2. subwaysurfer says:

    I recommend Lamisil to get read of that dreaded toenail fungus..
    Ya know, until you pointed this out, I never really noticed HOW many companies use the toenail as part of thier graphic design not even CARING that a thousand other companies use the same thing. I MISS the days when companies used cartoon mascots in their logo design which kept a lot of us artists employed in that area. It seems any yahoo toady who owns a copy of photoshop and illustrator can become a “logo designer” many of these folk dont have one iota of artist talent. The vast majority of them cant draw a stick figure. Just ask them, and they’ll PROUDLY say, “oh no, I dont draw (as if its something lowly) Im a GRAPHIC DESIGNER!!!!

  3. Heidi says:

    The worse part is many companies pay thousands of $$ to “graphic design firms” and get these simple copy-cat logos. CapitalOne and ESPN probably did just that. The designer typically comes up a/ some original story behind the logo … in most cases the story is far more original that the logo itself.

  4. Jed Pascoe says:

    This rot has got to stop!
    End toenail rot now!

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