Darkest Venues

The art of caricature is a delicate one and needs good light, good humour and plenty of space to be successful. Over the past 20 years I have been forced to draw in some of the most dark and inhospitable venues imaginable. Here are a few.

I ask; “Could You Draw in These Circumstances?”

A WELL LIT VENUE – House of Lords 2007

House of Lords

House of Lords – 2007


 A BADLY LIT VENUE – Wolverhampton Bar 2009

Wolverhampton – 06/01/09

Happisburgh Village Hall, Norfolk – 08/12/07

Happisburgh – 08/12/07

Nottinghill ‘Crazy Homey’s’ – 17/12/09

Norfolk Nightclub – 17/12/07

Branston Hall

Kettering Marriott – 26/06/09

Battersea Events Arena – 19/11/09

Jed & Matt

Jed & Matt look on at Battersea

Any Artists care to contribute??  Lets have your darkest venues please…

Sara-Louise Harper

Sara-Louise at Bloomsbury Ballroom – 18/12/09

“This is The Bloomsbury Ballroom this December 18th and although it
looks Ok in the photo it’s only because I am sitting right at the
foot of the stage so benefiting from the stage lights!! The rest of
the room was pitch with occasional strobe lighting! I was supposed to
be working in the bar area however the only lighting there were the
lights behind the bar itself!! I gave up when I walked into a small
table I didn’t see because it was too dark!!”  Sara-Louise Harper

Bedford – 07/04

Jed Pascoe sent this one in, from Bedford 2004… Spooky!

Merkaba Brighton

The fab Merkaba in Brighton… but can you see the punters??

Pride Park 2009

Woburn Sculpture Gallery 2010

Northants Hilton – 08/10/10 Insurers (Yawn)

One Mayfair – smarmy Property yuppies! 27/01/11

Patterson's Restaurant

Patterson’s in Mayfair – 04/02/11

Agenda Bar EC2

Agenda Bar EC2 – 09/06/11

Bedworth Ex-Servicemen's Social Club

Bedworth Ex-Servicemen’s Social Club – 16/12/11

Simon Ellinas volunteered this pic from January 2012…

Village Hotel, Leeds

Village Hotel lobby, Leeds – 19/10/12

Crown Hotel, Bawtry – 20/10/12



One Great George St

One Great George St – 1st June 2013

  1. You may larf – but remember a classy nightime gig with Eel-Pie superstars, Sheba and Simon in the bleak windswept car park of Ebbsfleet International rail Hell-Hole. We had flexi clip-on lamps as only means of vision. Paper was being whipped off th board by the gale, and the gazebo we were forced to endure had to be quite often caught with the left hand before it took off poking out yer eyes – all whilst being professionally pleasant to the chav hordes…say no more…

  2. I always remember working in a candle lit hall ,drawing this man sitting across a table from me. Did his face ,etc, etc then started to colour in his dark hair which covered his ears, which i duly did. Then, as i went to hand the finished masterwork to him, he leaned foreward to take it, and i saw he’d been sitting in the partial shadow of a stair case and he was totally bald!….Oh how we laughed !
    Haven’t you got yourself a pair of those SAS infra red night finder glasses yet, they look a bit odd with a dinner suit at the dinner table, but your judged by how ridiculous they look, rather than how ridiculous you look.

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