Carix’s Diary ’15 –

Happy New Year!!!

2015 has begun in full wedding exhibition mode, with a couple of stadium Fayres to show off my skills at in January. I began at Coventry Ricoh Arena, with a newly designed FOH display set, including ipads and slide shows, to make the stand more interactive and self sufficient.

Wedding Caricaturist stand


I am determined to outshine my competitors this year and cement my reputation as an excellent wedding entertainer, by attending as many large Wedding Fayres as possible and perhaps skip the smaller venues this time. Fingers crossed.


23/01/15 – Birmingham Meropole

Today I was drawi ng XL caricatures for my sponsors Edding at a trade show near the NEC. I really enjoy the larger scale drawings and am proud to be the only UK caricaturist offering this unique medium at the moment. The size suits my drawing style and has the added benefit of being visible to a wider audience, making it an instant attraction at any show!

XL caricatures


10/02/15 – Shilly Shally

Each year a small group of established caricaturists get together, usually in London for drinks and chats, renewing old acquaintances and sometimes making new friends. This year we met at The Phoenix Arts Club in Soho  and enjoyed an afternoon of stories and wine, with some of the UK’s finest caricaturists.


Simon & Sheba Cassini, John Roberts, David Lewis, Jed Pascoe, Luisa Calvo, David Hensley, Graham Fowell, Paul Baker, Picasso Griffiths, Stan Toohey and myself.


28/02/15 – Barnsley

Drove north tonight for a joint birthday celebration in a pub in Barnsley. Now I don’t enjoy working in pubs and Barnsley has thrown up some horror stories in the past, so I approached it with trepidation.

Barnsley pub

The pub was lovely, if a little dark and crowded and the birthday girls were very nice, so I was at ease when I strolled onto the dancefloor to begin drawing. At this point, the DJ piped up “Looks like Right Said Fred is in the building!” which got my heckles up straight away. I would’ve preferred an intro, telling people what I was doing, but I grabbed the spotlight and made the most of it. Tempted though I was to headbut the cheeky twat on the turntables, I simply gave him a two fingered salute as I launched into my first table of drawings. The night went well and was well received by all, until the usual exit time, when I was grabbed by the hostess and asked to draw a few more. I obliged and stayed on for an extra 20 minutes, before packing up to leave. As usual I was accosted by a tipsy guest who was most put out that I would not draw her! I endured the usual barrage of verbal abuse, with a smile and made my way to my car.

Thankfully the only person who mattered (the client) was satisfied and emailed me the following day to thank me for my services. No mention of disgruntled punters, so I forgot the incident. Another job welll done!

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