Spot On Exhibitions

This year I decided to launch my artwork on the unsuspecting public of Leicester, with two exhibitions, to tie in with the Dave Comedy Festival in February. The first exhibition is held at LCB Depot on Rutland St, LE1 and consists of 12 framed movie posters. Entry is free and doors are open 9 – 5.30pm.

SPOT ON @ LCB DEPOT, 13-31/01/14

Spot On @ LCB Depot

Exhibition; 13-31 January, LCB Depot, Rutland St, Leicester

Spot On exhibition

Companion Dig peruses the exhibition after helping hang it with me.

Spot On exhibition Spot On exhibition Spot On exhibition CIMG3040 caricature exhibition

caricature exhibition

I will be moving the exhibition to The Y Theatre at the start of February for a month long show, as part of Dave’s Comedy Festival. Open evening is on 4th February, 5-7pm and all are welcome (within reason LOL).

LCF exhibition

Open evening – 04/02/14, 5 – 7pm, FREE entry with bar.

Local Press

Just had a few photos taken by the local paper (Leicester Mercury) which should accompany a few words in tomorrow’s paper. That should drum up some interest for sure 😉

Leicester Mercury

Leicester Mercury caricatures

Full page in Leicester Mercury, page 22, 23/01/14.


SPOT ON @ The Y Theatre, 04/02/14 – 28/02/14

Last night saw the opening of my latest exhibition, which is running as a part of the Leicester Comedy Festival for the month of February. Monday saw me mounting the exhibition, with help of my good friend Dig, who has a good eye and a steady hand (just one of them LOL). Yesterday I laid on catering for 20 people, a selection of Indian finger nibbles and several bottles of Prosecco for the anticipated 50-60 guests. I had spent the morning preparing a powerpoint slide show for the monitors, which included all 32 movie posters, to entertain the guests and I even put together a compilation CD of movie themes, to add to the movie atmosphere. I arrived at the venue around 4pm, expecting the local press to meet me there, to take delivery of the commissioned (framed) caricature of Gary Lineker and to cover the event for the Leicester Mercury.

As the evening transpired, I was let down by both the local press, my close family and several colleagues and friends, all of whom had pledged their support but none of whom turned up. Some had the good grace to let me know, others did not. I was sorely disappointed, but my spirits were lifted by the arrival of several colleagues from London and a handful of old friends from Leicester, all of whom cemented their place on my Christmas card list for sure LOL.

exhibition launch

The evening was lovely, much bubbly was quaffed and we did our best to demolish the Indian food, but much of it was left for the guests who arrived later in the evening, attending the Spoken Word event. We bid them Adieu and made our way across Victoria Park towards the after show party at The Donkey pub. Warren and Zoe welcomed us with open arms and even donned a kilt for the occasion, which made three of us in skirts that evening 😉


Warren, George and Simon Cassini, rocking the kilt look!

Landlady Zoe had laid on sandwiches for us all and we settled in round the fire, with our drawing pads and the wine flowing freely. It was only fair that we repaid their hospitality…

Zoe and Wozza

Simon and Wozza

Simon draws ‘Mad Warren’ in the bar

I was so happy to have my close friends around for the evening and  it couldn’t have ended better, as we all bid our farewells after much consumption of Toffee Vodka by the fireside. Thanks one and all who made the effort  🙂

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