Spent last monday being filmed by the seaside for the next series of ITV’s Coach Trip. I had to teach a caricature class to seven couples, all bound for a trip round Europe with their host Brendan. Details cannot be disclosed until the show is aired in September, but I can show you my autograph from Brendan – lovely chap 🙂


Coach Trip Brendan


HR Giger RIP

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I dug some very old artwork out from my days at Leicester Poly, back in the late 1980s. You can see the album here…

Life Drawing

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Hungry House commercial

Filming for the latest Hungry House TV advert in April. They only filmed my arms tho!! Look out for those Tats on ya TV 😉

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My latest illustration for GQ was published in April’s issue, out in March… P187

Louis CK caricature

Last week I was in the local Leicester Mercury once again, when I handed over some framed artwork to a competition winner, at my exhibition.




Last November I received the call from Brad Pitt’s PA, saying how much they loved my Pulp Fiction artwork and that they would like to commission me to draw Brad Pitt for his 50th birthday gift! I jumped at the chance and headed south to the set of his latest movie, which was being shot in the UK. I spent the most exhilarating day with Brad and his film crew, on set, watching the explosions and drama unfold before the cameras, while I snapped a few shots and drew the crew.

I toiled away at the composition, which included his Personal Team (hairdresser, lookalike, PA, driver, dresser) for over a week and when it was finished I had the honor of presenting it to Brad Pitt on set on his birthday in December. Unfortunately he decided to shoot a ‘closed set’ on his birthday and so I did not get to see his reaction to the artwork, but he must’ve liked it because he asked for a copy of my Fight Club poster too!!

Unfortunately I signed a Non-disclosure waver, which means that I cannot impart any details, but as I retain original copyright, I assume I can now share the artwork with the public.

Brad Pitt Caricature

Happy Birthday Brad!

It was a joy to be on set with Brad and an honour to be chosen as his artist. Best day of last year for sure 🙂