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So finally, after weeks of tinkering and developing and fixing glitches, my newly rebuilt website is ready to take over the web-waves! Though similar in theme to the last site, with it’s pulp fiction feel, torn paper and bulletholes, this new site is far more structured and hopefully user friendly, with an eye to future browsers and a simple booking procedure.

Please take a look and feel free to leave me some feedback, all (positive)  suggestions welcome ! CARICATURES-UK.COM

spot on caricatures


Why oh why did no-one tell me about the PANDA UPDATE by Google?? Apparently they’ve decided to re-grade all websites by a new set of rules and down-grade all those sites that are deemed ‘uninteresting or uninformative’… So all those sites that have spent years climbing the ranks by building Links etc can now be found at the bottom of the pile!

That explains why my website traffic dropped off from 20 February, even though I have 1100 links and my nearest competitor only has 160; now he is on top!! BOLLOX!!