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David Frost RIP

satirical take on the Frast/Nixon movie poster


The Iron Lady dies

Margaret Thatcher dies – 08/04/13

I love my job; the laughter, the people, the travel, the entertaining, the artwork and wanted to share my passion with you, by relaying my experiences and opinions from a 20+ year life as an artist/entertainer.  I hope this Blog enlightens you, while displaying my Passion,  Honesty and Integrity.

I am above-all honest, some would say too honest, which can raise some eyebrows, but I stand by my honesty and am not in the habit of writing lies. Perhaps some would rather I simply did not write…

I believe in standing up for my beliefs and my passions. In the Caricature industry in particular, where (in the UK) there is no regulation, I am proud to take a stance against charlatans and monopolies who would damage my industry. I alone have stood up against the three largest online Agencies in the UK, who dominate my industry and control our prices, only I have spoken out against them. I no longer patronise them or support their undercutting businesses in any way, how many other caricaturists can say the same?

I am a perfectionist, which leads me to be a critic, which in turn makes me few friends, but I will not suffer fools gladly and certainly will not pretend to respect them just to maintain the status quo. A talentless singer gains no respect from the music/entertainment industry, so why should a talentless caricaturist be given any?

I do not tolerate racists, sexists, bigots, blaggers, back-stabbers, undercutters, amateurs or charlatans. I may not be allowed to name them, but I will not befriend or condone them. 

This is my public stance.


Mad Dog Gaddafi

Head in the clouds, cannot see the blood on his own hands!

Image Copyright 2011 George Williams, all usage is prohibited without permission and credit

Lord Taylor crook

Never trust a man that uses boot polish on his hair!

I’m not gonna be one of those caricaturists who brags that his December 2008 is fully double booked and is £5000 up on last year’s figures. Frankly mine is looking dire!!!  Those who know me will appreciate that I work very hard on my marketing, fielding both direct and agency enquiries, both domestic and corporate and over the last 10 years my business has thrived. My website is at the top of most Google searches, I frequently use several good Agents and am a regular face on the Wedding Exhibition circuit….  So why can I not pick up any more bookings for December this year???

“RECESSION” I hear you cry!! Maybe so, but September, October and November were all uncharacteristically busy this year, so I’m left scratching my head.  Competition perhaps? I trawled Google for an answer online, checking Agencies and competitors. I noticed a few new faces and a couple of Agencies dominating the market. When I looked closely at one highly ranked (Google) Agency in particular, I noticed the price structure. I Quote:

Adam Hanson £215,  Mickey Toones £220, Neil Thomson £240, MH* £220, RC* £220 for 2 hours!!  All figures quoted are gross – BEFORE agency commission!

I was gob-smacked!  After nearly 19 years in the trade, I’m still having to contend with Agencies promoting bargain basement services by publishing cheapest available artist prices, like a menu at McDonalds! As if 1st Choice weren’t enough to battle against, with their ‘Bid for a Job’ price-war structure, I’ve just about had enough!  If I find one instance of another budget artist publishing such stupidly cheap rates I’m gonna have serious words!! This is my living – MY LIFE and I’m not about to roll over and let some low budget charlatans ruin what has become an excellent way of life for so many of us.

Chicken or Egg? Do we hold the artists accountable for lowering their prices or the Agents who tell them thats all they’re worth? I know its business, but COME ON!!

As a community we should be nurturing and teaching the next generation their worth. Perhaps some of the above named (*veteran) artists could lead by example? I’m happy to welcome new-blood into our community, but if they keep undercutting the market I’m afraid I’ll raise the drawbridge and prepare for battle.

So what about quality? I will continue pitching to the upper end of the market, providing them with a polished entertainment package and let the Bargain Basement Traders squabble over the scraps. Time will tell who has the gumption, the reputation, the talent and commitment to stick around. Until then, my knives will be sharpened and my oil on the stove!!

I refuse to drop my prices by £100 to secure more Xmas bookings. I’m sitting tight and riding the storm. Best of luck to all those pitching for £350+ out there… the rest had better not come singing Carols at my door!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS  by the way!

Happy New Year 2009!

Its official, December 2008 was my worst in nearly ten years, despite lowering my prices. There’s clearly a change in the corporate market or possibly a flooding in the Carix market. January and February will soon tell, the leanest months will see the ‘goodtime artists’ returning to their day-jobs no doubt!

January for me was the same as previous years, I got by. February is still taking shape, but hopefully I’ll survive til the fruits of Spring. I’ve begun the year by lowering my prices (driven by market forces) by a further £50, thats a predicted loss of £10,000 on 2007. I can clearly see the benefits of lowering the market value of Carix… thanks for sharing your business plan with me guys! In return I’m gonna draw my bridges and look after my own interests for the foreseeable future. So can I ask the Amatures out there to stop e-mailing me for advice on pens, techniques, Wacom Tablets, Wedding Exhibitions or magazine advertising. I ain’t about to give anyone a ‘fast-track to buck$ville’ until my words are heeded and market prices are raised to a respectable level. I’ve done my apprenticeship over the last 19 years and learned the hard way, so I suggest anyone asking for help, whilst undercutting me, do the same!


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