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Caricature Workshop

Running a small workshop during Leicester Comedy Festival 2014, at LCB Depot, limited to 30 spaces, Free entry! Running an exhibition alongside it at The Y Theatre. Pop along.


The Iron Lady dies

Margaret Thatcher dies – 08/04/13

Spot on caricatures


Robbie Savage caricature

cheap caricaturists

One feature of being a caricaturist is dealing with queues. These develop when we are drawing static at an event and policing them can be a daunting task.

KIDS:  There is nothing worse than seeing a queue of fidgeting kids in front of you. Last night my first hour was taken by 18 kids, all striking that famous “Rabbit in the headlights” gormless pose. The most delightful thing is when they stand on your toes, pulling at your pad, yelling “Doesn’t look like you Mummy”!! Certified fun-killers I call them.

FARTERS: Why is there always someone who considers it socially acceptable to fart while in a confined queue of people.  Everyone stares at me and 8 times out of 10 I’m not even the culprit! The worse thing is that punters only endure it for a few minutes… I have to stand and inhale for 3 solid hours!!

VIOLENCE: Why is it that after standing and drawing frantically to raptures of laughter and adulation for 3 solid hours, I am always confronted with someone at the rear of the queue who insists on being drawn, AFTER my allotted time is up. “I’ve been waiting 30 minutes!” they bawl (after having tagged on just 10 minutes ago)… not realising I’ve been waiting 6 times longer and have had enough! Then of course they threaten violence and hurl verbal abuse at me, for wanting to begin my 3 hour drive home instead of giving them £20 worth of free artwork. I can’t win.

As you can gather, last night’s Fancy Dress party was not the most fun I’ve had all year, but I did my best to shine, even after a 6 hour round drive. Oh for the life of a Walkabout Caricaturist 😉

I have just updated my gallery of published illustrations from my 4 years drawing for TV Times magazine (1999 – 2003). I have hundreds of caricatures and illustrations in my archives, but I display only my favorite 50. They can be seen here. Enjoy.

Have I Got News For You


  • I have never worked on a street, begging passers by
  • I have never worked on a beach, pestering tourists
  • I do not draw at Fetes or any other such event that involves spending many hours sat under an umbrella dealing with wasps, rain and screaming kids
  • I won’t carry a bucket round asking for money per drawing
  • I will not just squeeze all 12 of you on one sheet in the last 5 minutes
  • I won’t match the bloke down the pub who quoted you £50 to attend your party
  • I could NOT make a fortune on the streets of Paris or Prague, dodging the Police, organised gangs and drunken stag parties


  • I am very fast at drawing
  • I will entertain most of your guests, even the one’s not being drawn
  • I have been on telly
  • I have been drawn many hundreds of times
  • I have upset people, mainly the vain and humorless
  • I have worked for ‘newspapers and magazines’
  • I could well be the BEST investment at your party or wedding

I received this email enquiry today, possibly the  worst enquiry ever. Ignoring the fact that he managed to avoid using my ENQUIRY form, which is linked on every page and somehow scoured my site to find an EMAIL ADDRESS…. skipping over the page for DRAWINGS FROM PHOTOS, with complete guidelines and prices. Take a look, I laughed so hard, I had to post it up here!!

Can you quote me for a cariacature picture of the attached photo on A3 or A4. It is for a birthday present next Tuesday.

the horse or the microscopic girl??

The photo here is actual size (as received)… Now, first I’d like to know if I’m drawing the tiny girl or the horse?! Secondly can anyone actually make out ANY facial features on the tiny girl?  Now I know I can be blunt with clients, but what am I supposed to say to this guy??