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Last weekend a client unwittingly made the rudest comment I’d heard in a while;  “My mate at work draws these. He draws ’em in dust on the back of the van (he’s a sweeper) but they’re dead good… I keep telling him to do this, cos he does ’em for free… He could make a fortune!!”…
Definitive proof that many punters see Caricaturists as amateurs that are no better than Street Sweepers. Not once did it cross his mind that maybe it takes more than just the ability to scrawl a doodle in dust in order to entertain thousands of people every year. Or maybe I’m taking it too seriously and shoulda laughed along and proclaimed “Yeah, then he’d be just like me!”….

So just remember folks, the next time you’re offered a Caricaturist for £100, you’re probably hiring a Street Sweeper. Would you hire a Dustman to perform your dentistry?!

(A warm welcome to our US colleagues reading this. To explain; the UK is a very small market, 60+ artists competing in a country the size of a small State, the Carix market is divided into “Colleagues & Competitors” as we all have to fight each other for clients. Some new competitors have yet to learn good business and customer skills but are happy to ravage the diminishing market for their short term gains. They will never become colleagues)

Following a spate of client complaints regarding one particular new artist, currently blundering her way onto the market, I may very soon feel the need to name and shame such artists on my Blog.  Any artist who lets a client down at short notice (repeatedly), leaving them without a replacement (presumably in favour of a better paid gig) or who undercuts the Caricaturist market by charging as little as £100, then charges per person at the wedding, deserves no respect from within their own community. I suggest any such new artists should shape up and stop giving us reputable professionals a bad name!

More let downs

Just heard of the 3rd alleged last minute let-down by a new female artist in 12 months. This is the second client that has alleged she was rude to them, on this occasion calling the client ‘THICK’!!!  This inexcusable behavior will not be tolerated within our industry and on behalf of all professional caricaturists I apologize, though I do not include this artist as a professional.

January 2012

Just had another two separate clients (including Cambridge News) reporting an artist quoting both £120 and ‘charging per head’.  In one instance the client hired my very talented colleague Luisa Calvo instead, as they thought the idea of charging per head was ‘tacky’!  You see the image this down-market trading is giving us… Glad to see Luisa is flying the flag of quality 🙂




This year saw a bumper turn-out at the annual Carix get-together. It was held on sunday 13th February near Clapham Junction and artists travelled from as far as Cardiff to attend!!

A few late arrivals included David Lewis and Sara-Louise, who helped swell the numbers. Was a pleasure to meet Picasso Griffiths at last and much fun was had with gossip a plenty and wine flowing freely. We were tossed onto the streets at 11pm and forced to take the party to the late bar next door.

Thanks so much to all the artists who made the supreme effort. See you all again next year 🙂

Lord Taylor crook

Never trust a man that uses boot polish on his hair!

Last week (06/04/10) saw the annual Caricaturists’ get together, this time named the Pink Fluffy Shilly Shally; after much discussion involving Duracell Bunnies LOL. Our thanks to Graham Fowell for taking it on himself to organize the ‘do’ – much kudos.

The day kicked off in London at around midday, with the show of usual faces and fleeting visits from Sara-Louise, Simon Ellinas and Paul Baker. I had to travel from Leicester and couldn’t make it until 6pm, by which time numbers had dwindled to a mere 6 Carix: Graham & Jill, Simon & Sheba, Jed & Paul Raymond. Numbers were boosted after 8pm when David Lewis made an appearance and so the sketching began.

After several bottles of red wine and pints of Becks, there was no hiding the disappointment felt at the poor turnout at the Trafalgar this year.  I am often herranged for not showing my face at social get-togethers and not making the effort to travel from Leicester and so felt obliged to uphold my good name as a social caricaturist. Having made the supreme effort (100 miles in a kilt!) however I am appauled that so few ‘local’ (London) Carix could be arsed to show their faces for one evening and make an effort to build alliances and friendships. Is it any wonder our community is falling apart, when such efforts are met with such apathy??!

Frankly I look forward to meeting the new influx of ‘Newbee Carix’… maybe they’ll show a little more enthusiasm and social nouse than the current “Cream of Caricaturists”… SHAME on you one and all.

See you next year? I hope so but won’t hold my breath.

Cream of current Caricaturists

Jed actually dozed off while reading the meeting minutes LOL


2011 – Carix Valentine’s Ball

Greetings fellow artists and carix… Following the blitz that was Xmas it has become customary to hold a get-together during the post-festive lull and 2011 is no exception. This years Annual Caricaturists’ bash will be held on 13th February, 5-11pm at The Northcote,  Northcote Road, Clapham Junction overground, London SW11.

Tell all ya Carix friends and come along for a pint and a sing-song (more likely a moan about inflation) til the wee small hours!!  See you there, artists old and new