Be Professional…

Posted: November 17, 2015 in caricatures-and-cartoons

This November I enjoy celebrating my 24th year as a professional caricaturist and entertainer. I still take pride in my work and treat every client like a star, with equal professionalism and respect. I am glad to say that recent years have seen my reputation flourish and my professional dimena is clearly paying off.

Unfortunately there are some clients who still wish to treat me like a rank amateur or part timer.

I have supplied illustrations and commissions to thousands of clients over the years, many of which are displayed on my website and my Terms are clearly transparent for all to see. Thankfully I am proud to say that 99.5% of those were overwhelmingly happy with my service and results. But this week I was accused of being a ‘diva’ when I asked for payment upfront for a commission from a fellow artist/designer, who wished to negotiate his own terms and refused mine. His words were “I need to be sure you are GENUINE and CAPABLE …. and actually going to DELIVER”! Every client needs to feel secure when buying online, but for a minor commission, I didn’t see the need for personal judgements on my abilities, when my world is online for all to see.

Then more recently a client booked me several months ago for a wedding, which they later ammended, therebye halving my fee. Just weeks before the wedding they then chose to cancel their booking, demanding a refund of their deposit paid. When I refused they threatened legal action, siting my service as “terrible” simply because I had not contacted them in the months since booking. When dealing with 60+ brides each year, plus another 50+ for future years, not to mention the hundreds of enquiries which do not come to fruition, it can be difficult to give individuals the attention they may crave. This is no reason to break with my terms and protocols though.

I shall stick to my business methods and remain professional, while others may want to transfer their negativity onto me, I shall remain balanced (on the whole) and confine my rants to the occasonal one on here…



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